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Qdent® Semiflex Acrylic

This semiflexible acrylic combines the comfort of a flexible resin with the durability of an acrylic resin. The material is reline-able and repairable. Also teeth and tooth-colored clasps can be added.

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DentureID Microchip

DentureID microchips are embedded in dentures by dental professionals who encode a website with basic information about the denture. This information could be important to identify the owner if the denture is lost and to obtain other information about the denture in case it requires tooth replacement or repair. Request a DentureID Microchip today!

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Solvay Dental 360 Ultaire™ AKP

Ultaire™ AKP is a high-performance dental polymer that eliminates the need for metal partials. The polymer is lightweight, biocompatible, and offers very pleasing esthetics. A great alternative to patients with sensitivity to metal.

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